Thursday, June 2, 2011

Enough is Enough

Social media sites are here to stay apparently. Any business worth it’s salt has a place you can “LIKE” them or an @handle you can mention them. It’s all apart of marketing their brand and getting their name on your fingertips. But social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace for all you kids still hanging on to Black Planet, is also individual’s little corner of the Internet reserved for their personal lives. They post funny pictures with friends, videos of them out and about, statuses that either glorify their everyday lives and call attention to their activities. Or they cross the line and post entirely too much.

I was on one of these sites the other day and discovered a “friend” had posted a picture of something so out of line, I had to write a blog about it. So without further adieu...

Pregnancy Test Sticks. Yup, the aforementioned friend posted a picture of her positive pregnancy test. Not only is this soooo tacky, it’s also bad luck! Aren’t you supposed to keep pregnancies under wraps until twelve weeks or something just incase? I saw that picture and immediately thought A) there’s urine on that stick and B) if she’s like this with just the discovery of pregnancy, imagine what my timeline will look like when she’s in labor. I hid all future posts.

Sonogram Photos. I don’t know why all my peeves have to do with pregnancy, but I guess it’s just that it seems so incredibly personal. Something exciting for you and your loved ones to share, but not for 1,279 of your closest followers or facebook “friends.” I don’t know about you, but there are many a times when someone pops up on my Facebook timeline and I’m like Who is that and when did I accept their request? Anyway, I’ve seen A LOT of blurry doctor pic in which I can’t even tell there’s a baby in the first place. There’s usually an arrow pointing to Baby _____ so I guess that helps. But it’s just too much.

Personal Spats/Fights With Significant Others. This always drives me crazy. You see two people going back and for on your Twitter public timeline and you think to yourself, “Can someone please pick up a phone and get off the Internet?” I know we live in a technology nation these days and no one under the age of 300 picks up a phone anymore, but goodness, if you’re gonna break up or lament how horribly he’s treating you, can you at least DM or Private message? We really don’t need to see that. And if you keep being so incredibly emo, you will get unfollowed…at least by me.

Bathroom Pictures. Ok, I understand that’s the only place where the mirror and lighting are JUST right, but every time I see one, I feel like I’ve just entered some personal space and you might have just finished dropping a load or something. These pictures are even worse when you’re wearing minimal clothing and yes, I’ve seen lingerie photo shoots on my timeline. Gross.

Relationship Status Extremes. There was a news story several years ago about some groom stopping his wedding right before he kissed his bride and right after the I Do’s to sign into his Facebook account on his Phone. He changed his status to Married and everybody laughed (including the bride) and then he laid a kiss to his new wife and ran down the aisle to his happily ever after. It sounds cute for a news story, but in real life? You gotta be kidding me. That should be the last thing on your mind.

What it comes down to is these sites are all public. It may seem private because it's just your friends, but we all know the Internet is called the WORLD WIDE web for a reason, meaning anyone can have free reign over your "private" sites. Don't put your personal business on front street. It's Facebook for goodness sakes! Not the Holy Grail of life.

Add your own, what’s driving your timeline batty? What gets someone deleted asap?

That bitch stole my line,


Blackie Collins


  1. I haven't seen this from any of my friends, but I've heard of brides who immediately change their FB relationship status as soon as they say "I do". I need folks to have something to do...

    I really hate those ppl who document every step of their pregnancy & childbirth on FB. Sure bringing life into the world is a beautiful thing, but I dont wanna see your kid as he emerges from your snatch, I dont wanna see pics of you learning to breastfeed, I dont wanna see the sonogram or the pregnancy test. Some stuff is best left off FB.

  2. Great post.

    This is so on point. People get out of hand on Twitter. It's like some people have no limits. They say it, tell it and show it all. The same applies to FB. I don't get it. I suppose some people just like the attention they receive.

    I enjoyed this post and your blog. Feel free to swing by and check out my blog...or not. It's your choice.

    JSin (

  3. Oh girl!! Seriously, I blogged about this exact same topic last month. The pregnancy test stick was my FINAL straw! Seriously...I mean some things are supposed to be kept PER-SON-AL!

    We echoed quite a few of the same sentiments. Take a look at my post about social networking if you get a minute.

  4. Anyone who has actually had a child would understand why the sonogram photographs are so exciting to share and wouldn't possibly be bothered by them. It screams of jealousy to say that they are pet peeve. Or maybe it's simply a lack of personal experience. We all make those "I would never..." comments until it happens to us!