Friday, April 2, 2010

"Are You Strappin"

I have a question: what do lesbians do?

Let me explain: When men meet women, perhaps on a date or perhaps in the club or a party, there's a certain protocol of events. If the vibe is great and the chemistry is apparent, there will be a happy ending on this eve. You head home together and do the do. Easy. But what do chicks who are into other chicks do? Men have their "equipment" on them at all times, but what do women do?

I have a really close female friend who is gay and the other day she was telling me a story that almost made me drop my phone-and we all know my firewall is pretty much non-existent. She told me about a girl she was dating who loved to use "devices" on her women. It seems the "male" of the two usually likes to strap up and do the do, so my question is, do you, as that female in the coupling, carry your equipment with you? Are you carrying at all times or do you just make sure you take your femme back to your own house, where it's in the bedside drawer? I'm seriously asking. I should just ask my friend, but I forgot and when I hung up, I thought, "This is a blog," verses, "let me call her back and ask." There are few things that really throw me for a loop, but for some reason this is intriguing to me. I suspect I should hit some gay bars and clubs and see if I over hear any women asking their object of desire if they're "strappin." I'll let you know how it goes....

That bitch stole my line,


Blackie Collins

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