Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Little Bits: Bands that Bind (?)

Why don't they want have to wear them? Women get engagement rings, big (if they're lucky), shiny (again if they're lucky) ones that all but jump off their fingers. The damn thing screams to the world: "I'm taken! I'm betrothed. I'm off limits!" More importantly, women wear them with great pride. They giggle and cheer and call mom when they get one for heaven's sake.

But men? Well, for starters they have no such engagement ring and when the ceremony rolls around, they get a nice little band, while she gets another shiny object to add to the sparkle and off limitness on her left hand. And she continues to wear hers, unless she gets prego and has to take it off until she loses the baby weight. There are so few men who rock their wedding bands! Its not like the band keeps your pants zipped, incase you didn't know, it doesn't. I think my dad wore his, despite having mistresses on the side. At least he was stabbing my mom in the front instead of the back. I mean that's balls for you. "I'm wearing my ring proudly, even have pictures of my kids in my wallet, while I screw you." It's stupid actually, taking your ring off doesn't make you any less married nor does it suddenly make what you're doing on the side any more okay. It just makes you an even bigger liar...not to mention a cheater, which I assume you knew already...


Blackie Collins

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