Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oh Where Oh Where Has My Lil O Gone...

It’s hump day and I sincerely hope you celebrated in a BIG fashion! I am constantly amazed by some of the conversations I have with women these days involving the men in their lives and what they do or more importantly, don’t do for them. The latest? My girl claims she can’t find her ‘O.’

Um, where did she go?

Look, I don’t know what the hell is going on out there, but if you can’t find it yourself, you can’t expect anyone to find it for you. But as usual, I will come through and make it incredibly easy for you. Just thank me later…after you’ve, um, found her.

Cue the Fresh Prince: “DRUMS PLEASE:”

5. Ride ‘em cowgirl (reverse)- this position is way better than the regular cowgirl for a few reasons, but mainly because of the clitoral activity. Hop on him and turn around. Instead of going up and down, lean forward a bit and roll your hips back and forth. It’ll still be an in and out situation, but because of the angle, all kinds of things get stimulated down there. Besides men get a kick out of watching you from behind (if possible, please pull hair also)

4. Grab a stool-the higher the better-and sit on it. Have your boy in front of you. You can put your legs around him or if you’re flexi, up on his shoulders. This one goes deep. Welcome to the party, G!

3. Good old sitting style. Both parties sitting, your legs straddled around him. Slid and go! Again, clitoral stimulation is easy.

2. There are plenty of women who only climax from oral, so I threw this in for good measure. Equal opportunity and all that. Guys, it’s not just about flicking your tongue around down there-slow, massaging strokes on all areas are best. Having him eat you from behind is pretty glorious too and right when you’re about to find your your long lost friend, he can jump in and finish it off himself.

1. The Pancake Series- any position where both partners are flat against each other is pretty amazing. For example, Pancake Missionary: assume the usual missionary position. Now let her close her legs and lay straight while he opens his and presses his pelvis to her. Pump away and your tank will be full.

Happy Wednesday, from B!

That bitch stole my line,

Blackie Collins


  1. Wow your blogs are like novles. Im always trying to make sense of them. Is this the same girl that asked about giving blowjobs? Your #1 fan wants to know

  2. sadly, it wasn't the same girl. There's a ridiculous number of chicks running around out there lost! I'm just trying to help.

    Thanks for the love:)

  3. Well girl, thank you for the info! You are super. You should write a column for a magazine or something. You are rock!!