Monday, May 3, 2010

Even Halle Gets Dumped

A while back I wrote a post called Even Halle Has Issues. Apparently, even Halle gets dumped too.

Every woman thinks Halle Berry is gorgeous, and every man is down for her cause. I'd actually stand up and swear no one finds her to be anything but stunning. Sexy as all get out, beautiful, whatever you want to call it. She's a looker. And she's famous. And rich. And single again. Obviously the previously stated traits aren't what sustain a relationship, but I'd assume waking up next to that each morning is probably a good start Monday through Sunday. Anyway, I was procrastinating by trolling the gossip blogs reading up on the split when I came across an article on the Huffington Post. It stated all the known, obvious facts in the split, had comments from a "inside source" and then finished off the article with Halle Berry's relationship history. It sounds standard, all good, but the final paragraph read like this:

"Halle has been married and divorced twice before: to former baseball player David Justice who abused her and Eric Benet who cheated on her."

And now she's been dumped by the hottest Canadian since bacon.

Well, damn.

Could you imagine your relationship history being summed up in one single line and having it read like that? These are the breaks, yes, but someone got dealt a pretty crappy hand when it came to men, although I will say she got a Royal Flush in other areas of life so maybe it's just how it goes? You can't have everything? I don't know. But do you ever just kind of throw in the towel? Do you always hope for The One to come along? I mean, we're all slightly programmed to believe in the back crevices of our hearts that Mr. Right is out there waiting for us, walking around, completely searching for his one true love, which is, of course, you. Even when we have these horrible relationships, think we'll never find love again, we still have this lowly lit flame burning, this hope. I wonder if it hit Halle when she read that. Like, Damn, that's my love life in twenty five words or less. Forty-three years and this is it. Eff it, I give up. Do we ever give up? Do we ever say forget it? I'm sure some do...and I bet they meet The One right after. Keep hope alive, I guess.

That bitch stole my line,


Blackie Collins


  1. word on the curb is Halle has "intimacy issues." translation:she's frigid. that cld be what has hurt her in the long run with her beaus....

  2. You can take one look at Halle B and see that she's a super bitch. I've been off team Halle since i heard her razzy awards speech.