Friday, May 14, 2010

What Am I Thinking: Rick Ross

There is something incredibly wrong with me for this statement, but what is it about Rick Ross that is so damn sexy? He's like 4 zillion pounds, not even remotely cute, and wears an enormous blinged out chain with his own face on it, and yet I see him and I'm like, hmmm. Yes, yes, I would. I asked my best guy friend about this. Did he know other girls that liked Rick Ross or was I the only one doing my best impersonation of Stevie Wonder (blind, hello)? He said he'd heard it before, chalked it up to the swag, which is a word I cannot stand. But it must be. It has to be. That's the only thing that can describe it. It's like Biggie. That man, no matter how talented, was the most horrid looking dude ever, and yet because of the money, attitude, power and swag, collectively, girls pawed him like they were in a production of Cats.

It goes outside the realm of fat, unattractive rappers. I dated a guy recently who I don't think anyone would confuse as gorgeous. He was okay, but his personality, his "swag" helped him a great deal. I even noticed other girls seemed attracted to him, which I understood, but also never really got. Funny. I guess it's the same as when you meet someone who's really pretty, but because they're a mean bitch, they suddenly turn ugly right before your eyes.

But all that aside, RICK ROSS?! Come on, B! Sigh...I still stand by my position: under him, hopefully. Well actually, that might be a strictly top situation..

That bitch stole my line,


Blackie Collins


  1. Ok I have to admit I was kind of crushing on Rick Ross too. Especially when he first came out, I saw him in concert and I thought he was kind of sexy. My friends clowned me for these thoughts, but hey what can I say there's something about him.

  2. i know what u mean! i was at an after party and i was checking out all of the shenanigans ( i like to people watch) all of a sudden i noticed this big guy and i was like a moth to a flame. i had to go and talk to him, be near him. years later, i saw the same dude when i went to court for a dv charge...he was on the same side of the bench that i was (a loooooooooooong story) and at that point he lost his appeal. (i know i got nerve! but it's just like 2 big people dont need to be together, neither do 2 fighters!)