Thursday, September 16, 2010

From B to U 2

I was so proud of myself the other night. Really I was! I went out for a friend's birthday and had no thoughts of men on the mind. I was all i-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t and feeling myself, fancy and whatnot. After several cocktails with the girls, a guy acquaintance showed up with some of his boys. I didn't know any of them. They started buying the rounds and as the drinks flowed, everyone settled in for one of those nights that was sure to be a win.

Throughout the evening, one of the guys, Darryl from LA, took a liking to me. We discussed books and movies in depth. We discovered our love of the written word; he worked in publishing, me, the writer/editor. We got so immersed that when we came up for air, everyone had moved to the dance floor and we were left huddled on the bankette.

The night wore on, the deep conversation turned to flirting, and when everyone started heading home around 4am, he "realized" he'd miss the trains back to his friend's crib in Jersey. One of my girls, who knew him from back home, said he could crash with her-in her tiny studio. Me, reverting back to my naïve self, told him he could sleep on my pull out-in my giant one bedroom. It made more sense, in my opinion.

We arrived back at my apartment and let him know I was serious about him SLEEPING over. I grabbed a blanket and pillow and pulled out the sofabed. It was like that scene in Love Jones where a horny Nina makes an even hornier Darius sleep on the couch. I was heading back to my bedroom when he said, "you going to sleep now?" Haha. Of course. I went back and sat down on the couch with him. We listened to music, talked for a while, and just chilled. We were doing said chilling when Beyonce's "Speechless" blarred through my Mac's speakers. "Love this song," he said. "Let's dance." Get outta here, that's so corny to me. I said so to him. He stood up and yanked me to my feet. Apparently it wasn't up for discussion, but that forcefulness right there???!!!! Yes, you don't have to save mine for later, I want it right now!

We're slow dancing just the way we weren't supposed to at middle school dances. Hands roving, bodies pressed together, his breath steaming up my neck, lips kissing it gently. I was melting. No, no, no, I told myself as he pulled away, cupped my face and neck. He kissed my right cheeck, my left, my forehead, the side of my mouth, my temple. I was just sort of dying, but I kept telling myself I was not going to sleep with him. I am turning over a new leaf gatdamnit!

And then he kissed me. And I actually blacked out. If this were a movie and he were Idris Elba, you all would be dying up in the movie theater too. Slapping hands and "mmhmm girl-ing." Jeeeez-us.

The kiss got intense, he wrapped my legs around him, picked me up, and sat back down on the couch. Argh! I will not sleep with him, I will not sleep with him! I won't even diet coke him, my thoughts cried out as my body screamed for a bit more. Okay, a lot more.

After some intense making out, several attempts on his part to go down on me, I let him know, verbally, that there would be no sex. It was through clenched teeth and I probably would've lost my will power had he contested, but instead he said, "I don't even have condoms. This wasn't the goal." Eh, I don't believe dudes much, but I took it as a possibility. We kissed a bit more and eventually fell asleep listening to music.

Sometime after the sun rose, we woke up and he headed to catch the train back to Jersey. He went on and on about how great it was to meet me, texted me to inform me that he had in fact found the PATH station, and hit me a day or two later.

Then. Nothing.

In the two weeks that followed, I've been a distant thought apparently. So the million dollar question: Huh?! I was such a good girl and yet no reward. Lame, someone point me in the right direction, please. My brain seems to have had liposuction.

That bitch stole my line,


Blackie Collins


  1. girl, don't trip, tie your shoe and keep it moving! in the words of MC Lyte

    But if it doesn't work out, yo it just doesn't
    It wasn't meant to be you know, it just wasn't

    why are you tripping?

    you turned over that new leaf. if u really wanted to give up the booty, u would have done so!

    but you better tell us WHEN he calls u in the future ok? be patient

  2. Dudes are hard to figure out!! SMH!!

  3. I just don't get it. You put out - he doesn't call. You dont - he doesn't call. So what the hell are you meant to do and what exactly was he looking for? Do not get it. for access to my blog.

  4. This is exactly why I'm too thru w/ this good girl routine. Obviously the chemistry was there so I doubt he would've thought any different of u had u two slept together.

    But B, I do commend u girl. I don't know if the rest of the free world would have that will power. Maybe he's just playing that corny ass game men play to try not to act too pressed. So I'm sure he'll call. He just doesn't want u to know he's open like a can of goya beans at a quincé.

    Keep us updated!!!

  5. He didn't call because he's 3,000 miles away. What's the expectation here? I'm confused.

  6. @brandon it wasn't about expectation, like we'd run away into the sunset. i was about the fact that I deserved some sort of reward for not sleeping with him. that was a feat, i should get a gold medal or an ice cream cone.

    btw, i totally forgot about this guy until this comment popped up, lol.

  7. Girl!
    I thought for sure you were gonna give it up.. it would've taken God, Jesus and all the angels to get me to exercise some willpower.. And if i tell you the several ways my eyebrows went when you said he didn't call.. I'm annoyed because all signs pointed to him not wanting to do the work it would require to get some..
    but i'm not gonna say much more about him.. your situation has happened to me and i was SO happy i didn't give it up..
    go get your ice cream cone..