Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Go Shorty, It's Your Belated Birthday!

In my haste, ie complete absentmindedness, I missed the year anniversary of my blog a week or eight ago. So happy (extremely belated) birthday Blackie Collins! The last year of this blog has been a blast and as I read back, it truly is a little bit of my history. Whether it be the stories of B or friends, I'm proud of each post. Even the shitty ones;) As promised, it's been a wild ride and there's sure to be twists and turn in the future. I thank you guys for reading and commenting whether it be public or private. I'd also like to thank the dudes who provided my fodder, your idiocy or greatness-probably more the first than the second-has helped me learn so much about myself. I know what I want and what I don't. Mostly I know what I deserve and I guess that's worth thanking y'all for. Blogging is one of those crazy things that you never expect to do anything more than help you with your writing. You never really think you'll touch someone or really make me people think. I think humility in your writing is one of the most important characteristics and every time I get an email from someone praising my writing, I'm a bit sheepish. I still get elated when I get those, so thank you. When I started this blog, I knew it had to be anonymous for the sake of others mostly and also for the sake of me and my family. I by no means hide behind the anonymity, but I know enough about the blackmail to not put my business on the internet like that. Those who know who I am, know the stories and have either already blackmailed me or will keep my secrets just that. It's been hard in other ways though. Hard to market a blog when you can't tell people it's you. But the fun part is seeing a new follower and realizing it's someone I know. They have no clue it's me, but that's the fun part! Maybe one day, I'll tell you who I am. The good part is that every single thing on here is the truth. I may change the names or the situation to help shield the story form familiar eyes, but it's all me. Even though Blackie Collins is a pseudo-name, the personality behind it absolutely lives in me. I'm crazy and outspoken. I love boys and I love love. I say how I feel and I love giving sex advice. So rest assured, you aren't getting some made up fictitious character. I'm not some dorkbomb hidden in a closet with a computer and a dream. Well...actually... Anyway, it's been the most! Can't wait for the next year. Love you guys!

That bitch stole my line,

Blackie Collins


  1. HAPPY B-DAY/anniversary Blackie Collins!!! LOOOVEE your blog and I'm truly a fan. Keep'em coming girly!!

    - AD

  2. Congrats on the blogiversary. I also celebrated my one year anniversary (today actually). Looking forward to another year of your adventures. Cheers!