Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Draft Picks

I have never been into fantasizing over unattainable men, ie celebrities. I like to keep my happy moments to real life; those I have had or know I can get. I do, however, I do believe in the list of famous people I'd leave my significant other for...and I know you have one, too. So without further adieu:

Idris Elba. I think every single man cringed collectively when Idris Elba came on the scene. Like, "what the hell we gone do now?" Perhaps the browner skinned men were a little geeked as they realized the light skin crackdown would be held off that much longer. I don't really care either way. Idris Elba is thee definition of FINE. You hear me? Greek god status up in here. I'd marry him on national television. Twice.

Chris Brown. Sorry, I can't help it. I do not care that he's a child. I do not care that his fashions used to (and sometimes still are) questionable. I do not care about his personal life. I just think he's so cute. I know, I know, but I think Rihanna is over the whole incident, so perhaps it's time everyone else got over it, too. And he looks like he'd tear it up. He's so young, too, imagine what he'll be like when he knows what he's doing. A friend pointed out that he isn't very articulate...right, he doesn't really need to talk much in this fantasy.

Simon Baker. I have been in love with this guy forever. I don't even know where I first saw him (maybe that tv show the Guardian), but when he starred in Something New with Sanaa Latham, my heart skipped a beat. And that Aussie accent, just proves there's goodies down under.

Jon Hamm. I already stressed how I feel about the Mad Men star in yesterday's post. He's the classic handsome, leading man. And he's for real leading man, as in not faking the height factor by inserting lifts in his shoes or standing on boxes cause he's vertivally challenged, which wouldn't matter much since he'd be on his knees anyway. Behave, B.

Darren Sharper. When the New Oreleans Saints ran onto the field after winning the Super Bowl last year, my twitter feed went ablaze when safety, Darren Sharper flew into the camera. Back off girls, he's been in my daydreams since his William & Mary days. I hate kids, but he could make me have babies. Like 8 of 'em.

Taylor Kitsch.
Tim Riggins. Friday Night Lights. Google him.
Then enjoy. Those are my top seeded pocks. Who you lovin, who you wanna be huggin?

That bitch stole my line,


Blackie Collins


  1. every. damn. one. damn damn damn!

    however you missed:
    paul walker
    james marsden

  2. Uuum yeaaah Darren Sharper? I'd let him have his way w/ me then impregnate me… and I hate kids. And aa HUGE yum to John Hamm. If only I didn't have a phobia of pink penises I think I would've hopped over the fence a long time ago. Sighs.

  3. Vin Diesel....I know he cant act worth a dam but who cares about his acting I just want his performance!!!!


  4. idris is thee man!

    eamon walker is my number 2.

    and last but definitely not least is Paul Campbell.