Friday, August 27, 2010

Go On And Be a Man, Man

I went out last night, had a blast, did some work events and then wound up at one of the big shot spots where I ran into some well off friends who had table service. And while I drunkenly relaxed as my cab zipped uptown, I realized I hadn't spent a dime the entire night. Even my cab fare had been handled.

I think we can all agree that everything is better when it's free. And my whole night had been a blast, but even better was the fact I wouldn't check my credit card statement the next day and fall out my chair (or as luvie says: make me jump out a first floor window). So, I thought about how this happened. I mean, NYC is potentially the most expensive city in the universe. No, seriously. From the moment you walk out the door, there are little money magnets in the sidewalk sucking the dollars and cents out your pockets. I think it's Bloomberg's doing.

So, where was I? Oh, yes, New York is super expensive. In fact, I'm on the subway now and there's an ad for the Brooklyner, a "luxury" apartment high rise that has studios starting at $1790. A f*cking studio, which should actually be called a shoebox, a shoebox for a children's size 4 shoe. $1800 for a studio in BROOKLYN, so you can imagine what Manhattan is like. To have a night sans bankruptcy is heaven sent, so I ticked through the ways I wound up drunk and all over Manhattan without going broke. There was one reason: every guy I was with last night, bought my drinks.

Now, I'm not saying dudes have to, not totally, but they should want to. I don't expect my guy readers to get this, because, well, you're the ones who fork out the dollar bills, but I've decided you should want to cover the ladies you're out with (assuming you got plenty money-I'm not advocating overdrafts in the name of liquor. Even I have my limits). It's just common courtesy, manners, NICE for crying out loud. Niceness is such a dying character trait.

I thought about the first venue, where a drink was bought for me by a friend; the second spot where my friend's male friends purchased round after round for us as we jammed in their little section; finally our last destination found us sitting in VIP with bottles all around as I mentioned earlier. Not once during the night, did anyone expect me to fork over my part. At one point, I even offered. As far as these gentlemen were concerned, you took care of your female guests. You know what? It was really, really nice. And no, I didn't go home with any of them nor did they seem to expect it.

Again, I'm not advocating spending cheese you don't have, but if you can and your out with some girls, go ahead and remind everyone what chivalry is. One of the few agreeable things Steve Harvey has said is: men feel like men based on their ability to provide. So go right ahead. Don't let me get in the way of your being all manly and whatnot. In fact, let's go ahead and celebrate your manliness. I'll totally drink to that.

That bitch stole my line,

Blackie Collins
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  1. Sadly when I was reading this I thought there was a catch in here. I mean why would men just be so nice and then I remembered that there is this thing called chivalry that all but 1% of the male population has forgot about *le sigh*

  2. I love those kinds of nights! Those men are few and far in between but I always make sure to fine those few in-between.

  3. B u live in NYC! And sure it's like a hundred gazillion dollars to survive here, but this is also one of the cheapest cities to have fun in. And sadly it took me being laid off at the beginning of the summer to realize that. This happened to be one of the best of my life and I spent a total of like $7. Just being resourceful, I've found $2 shots, free concerts of literally everyone, etc. And it also helps when ur bestie wrks at a bar in the upper east side or ur a chick that can hustle her way into Greenhouse, hehe.

  4. @jazzbelle-its sad really. i went to another party a few nights after and everyone was justa guzzlin it up, and not one offered drinks for us. again, not saying you have to, but sheesh. you could still offer and i could possibly decline...manners much?

    @S Emm- oh, i dated an unemployed dude (think i wrote a blog about it) and we still had a great time-just curtailed our travels to cheap eats, etc. Have you been to barcelona in hells kitchen area-ish? shot bar, super cheap, super yummy, super worth it

  5. @B - no ma'am I haven't! Gotta try it!!! Thanks!