Friday, August 28, 2009

Can A Woman Still Be a Hoe?

A few nights ago, I was out with a female friend, who’s also a dope blogger. The drinks were flowing, the night wore on and she started getting frisky-no, not with me… She was having a back and forth text session and as the minutes ticked by, the messages became more and more risqué. I’m nosey and all my friends know how I am, so I was privy to the messages. Hell, I was helping write the responses! They decided to rendezvous at her apartment in an hour, so we finished up our session and headed out in separate directions.

Just as I was walking into my own apartment, my phone started going bonkers. It was blogger friend, nervous and worried she couldn’t do the booty call route, unsure whether it was the right thing to do. I didn’t really understand the question. She was knee deep, tossing out the innuendos through her texts mere minutes ago, but as the moment drew nearer, she was worried whether it was alright or not?

This got me thinking back to my post about the double standards between women and men. I took to the blogs and found an article on Guts.Glam.Grace where the writer basically states the days of a woman being viewed as a hoe for owning her sexuality are gone. Which, I’d love to agree with, but I am not so sure. My friend was worried about giving it up, appearing fast, or loose. There’s a very huge difference between getting it in and doing it with any and everyone. I know few women who don’t have at least one regular partner (regardless of the relationship status) and a male friend of mine insists that every woman has at least one guy that wants to f-ck her. (B. has more than one, but this isn’t about me for once.)

So while the dudes are singing, “I wish I could f-ck every girl in the world,” and meaning it with all their hearts, would they really be so quick to latch on to a girl that was singing the same lyrics with just as much oompfh?* And furthermore, why are we still worrying what other people think of us. I was under the impression that once we passed the age of 25, we started realizing who we were and more importantly, stopped apologizing for it.

Happy Hoeing!

That bitch stole my line,


Blackie Collins

*sub in boy for girl in song lyrics...

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