Monday, August 17, 2009

When I Grow Up, I Wanna Be Jezebel

Double your pleasure, double your fun.  That's my motto when it comes to sex-no, I don't mean double the number of people in the act (unless that's what you're into-I'm not) nor do I mean getting it in with any and everyone.. I mean I have yet to meet the person with the same sexual appetite as me.  Which brings me to the double standard.  Why is it different for men and women? You hear a woman owning her sexuality and claiming it hard and she's immediately given a gardening tool label. A man does the same and he's the king of the jungle.  I know this is a moot point because its grown to be accepted but I think its ridiculous.  

I. Like. Sex. 

Honestly, most women (I'd say all, but I just watched a startling video about some women who've been plagued with some sort of vulva disorder that causes extreme pain when having sex, yikes) like it quite a bit, but they're taught to hide their desires or risk being labeled a jezebel.  But let's look at who Jezebel actually was: a woman from the bible who was a loyal and faithful wife until she was brought down by a male dominated society that felt her assertiveness and manipulative tactics were too much for her own good. I'm going to get a little scholarly with you and share this quote from Ilana Fine's Women Reading the Bible Backwards: "Jezebel can be seen as a strong and assertive woman... whose memory was continually vilified for thousands of years for the same reason — i.e. "because she was a strong and independent woman who did not let men dominate her, and who continued to defy the aggressive males to her last breath..."

Get it, Jez, get it.

I recently met a guy whose sexual energy seemed to be directly in line with mine.  I cannot tell you how excited I was. Just the thought of discovering someone who could match me pound for pound (pun intended) made me look forward to our encounters.  However, I was informed that I should focus more on getting to know him versus getting caught up in the sexual aspects of things.  We were doing that too, but why not do both-why is it either/or? Why are we not allowed to be honest about sex! Its normal, not to mention a jolly good time.  It drives me crazy that women are wired to keep quiet about their sexual desires while men are told to get as much as possible and to scream it from the Empire State Building observation deck while they're at it.  Manwhoring is a completely acceptable profession, but flip it to us and we're the actual whore going down on a john in a truck on one of those HBO documentaries (FTR, that's a completely different bird of feather, but it's not my job to judge their, er, occupation).   

I'm not a feminist.  Nor should you take this as yet another angry woman ranting.  I just believe in the strength of women and their abilities to be or do whatever they choose...proudly and without judgement.  It's so easy for women who have claimed their identities to be reduced down for the exact reasons for which men are glorified.  I'm. over. it.  Honestly, if that's a Jezebel, than I'm okay with being just that.  I'm claiming my sexual desires and I suggest you do the same or beware, you will be left wanting.  And it'll be your own fault.

That bitch stole my line,


Blackie Collins

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  1. B you say you are not a feminist in one breath and then say that you believe in the strength of women and their abilities to be or do whatever the choose in the next. That is exactly what a Feminist is! Embrace the F word just as much as you embrace your sexuality. It is not so bad...