Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cardinal Rules: Don't Sh*t Where You Eat

I know it's fun to date someone you work with, but I'm telling you: don't do it.  Sure, it gives you an extra pep in your step on your way to work and yeah, it's cute to have the office gossiping about you, but when it goes sour (or you two get caught in the copier room), you're up a creek without workman's comp.  

Back in my bartending days, there was a waiter named Sean whom all the girls fell for.  He knew he had it going for him at the restaurant, but honestly Sean wouldn't have had a chance in hell in the real world.  A thirty-something year old waiter with two kids? Wrong.  But he was cute and quite the charmer, so most of the (young) girls threw their draws at him.   Not I, said the fly-ass twenty-one year old Blackie.  Not even in my young and dumb days, did I break this particular rule (besides I had a boyfriend).  I watched from afar as he made mince meat out of those unsuspecting girls.  One got played so badly, she ended up quitting.  Sean apparently liked to dabble in photography and when pics of her head game were put on display like an exhibit at the MoMA, she fled.  It was sad, but honestly, she had it coming.  They all did in my opinion.  Why would you pee in a bucket of water that you drink from every single day?  It makes no sense-especially with the number of grown men roaming this city with better jobs and no kids.

Now, if you don't care, than go there. But, there are rules to the game, and when the proverbial shit hits the fan, you're gonna wish you had an umbrella called sense.  I don't do it.  I barely date people in my locale for fear I'll run into them once it's over.  However, there are exceptions to every rule and even I've gone rogue from time to time.  I broke my rule once.  He was a fine ass trainer at my neighborhood Equinox.  Sigh...He was totally worth it, but I still miss my gym.

That bitch stole my line,


Blackie Collins


  1. I would never date a guy I work with! Once he get on that nerve you have to see his ass all the time no thanks smh!Im married and my hubby helps me and he even gets on my nerves lol

  2. i don't seem to have that problem as nearly all of the men i work with are smallish and weak. it's hard to be attracted to a coworker when you're more of a man than he is.

  3. I totally agree-i made the mistake of getting involved with my boss. It's nice at first, but he started treating me like crap just to keep people off our trail. definite no no. (I changed jobs btw)

  4. I was literally telling someone this exact thing last week, and it goes for everything, not just where you work but anywhere you have to be on a weekly basis, gym, school, church, etc, at least from personal experience. great call...