Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Comeback Kid

They always come back.


Remember Jenny? She held out on Jack in an attempt to make it special, blah, blah, blah and Jack disappeared. Well, just like Houdini, Jack reappeared a few weeks later sprouting original lyrics that somehow composed a song and dance dealing with an ex-girlfriend and things that were out of his control 'happening to him.' Now, my Jenny is a smart girl. After she cried her eyes out, she wiped the tears, blew her nose and hopped back out on the market and boy did she come up with the (ahem) long end of the stick. So, when Jack popped up, Jenny was more than ready. Before he could get a word in, Jenny informed him that she liked him, thought he was a cool guy and that she'd love to be friends with him, after all, they had so many friends in common and were bound to run into each other regularly. Jack was dumbfounded and agreed that, uh, yeah, he'd love to be friends too. I suspect Jack thought he'd be able to just pick up where they left off even though he basically ignored her for weeks. But Jenny has a bit more respect for herself than that and while it hurt, she knew Jack didn't deserve to have what she had to offer. Which is fabulous, but not the point. The point is that they always come running back. I have a friend, Marla, who constantly says this: "Girl, they always make that comeback." She has yet to be proven wrong. I began asking friends about the second go-round and almost every one had a story about boys that tried to weasel their way back in. I'm no one's sloppy seconds and while I knew you'd regret it, that doesn't mean I'm going to take you back when you finally do. Sianara, I prefer The Stickitout Kid.

That bitch stole my line,

.xoxo Blackie Collins

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