Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Digital Planets

In a universe where people are able to have full conversations in 140 characters or less and have sex via text (pointless), it's safe to say "we are living in a digital world and I am a digital girl" (ha, that was fun). I love the Internet, it sucks up hours at a time and obviously gives me a fabulous outlet to tell my funny stories, but there is a line drawn somewhere and that somewhere is dating. Sure the first few conversations or interactions can happen online, but when you look up and realize that you don't even know their phone number or what they look like because you're always separated by a screen, well, Houston, we definitely have a problem. I have found that men who want to make time for you do just that and that includes getting up off their desk chair and actually making a physical appearance in your life. Take this Internet dating situation on which I promised updates. So, you start off in a world where all you have are a few fun facts (likes: nude beaches, protein shakes, and working out; dislikes: fatties) and perhaps a photo that is usually not as dead on as one would like. You start off with a few emails, maybe a G-Chat here or there and then a phone call to set up a date and you go from there. Now, while my jury is still out regarding this match.com life, it is starting to serve it's purpose as I'm beginning to see the positives in it. At some point, if you so choose, you're forced to go from the world wide web to the world itself. But the great thing is if you choose not to, you don't have to! So, let's jump off the actual dating sites and move to real life. If you meet a friend of a friend on Facebook/Myspace/Twitter or some other "I'm in love with myself and must dedicate a page to it" site and you never leave that realm, well it's safe to say that someone is choosing not to... It's a digital planet, but until machines take over like that new Bruce Willis movie coming out, well, we're going to have to do the work ourselves. Get up off your computer, go out and live! But read my blog first...

That bitch stole my line,

Blackie Collins

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