Friday, March 26, 2010

Cute Guy, Ugly Guy

People always say pretty girls don't have personalities because they don't have to rely on anything other than their good looks. They can just be, maybe toss out a giggle or two, flip their hair, and the world turns a different direction for them, so why bother with smarts or anything else other then being aesthetically pleasing? So here's the theory on the table: ugly guys are better in bed than cute ones. And before you get all double standard on me, it's the same with chicks I'd assume, but I don't get with them, so I leave that end of the theory to those who do.

I was listening to a story of a guy that is super cute, totally up my alley, tats and a nice body...and apparently he sucks in bed. Mannn, what a waste. But he's cute, girls dig him, so why should he care? Doesn't need to work to pull chicks, so why should he bother? On the other hand, a guy who's mid level cute ("attractive") goes hard, pun not intended. I'm talking never before seen footage, gets it so in, you can't see straight after, aren't walking right for weeks. It's a blast. I thought back to the guys I've been with-those who are cute, fine, attractive, etc. and I came to the conclusion that the ones who've made me scream more have been less than hot comparitively. And I asked male and female friends alike. The consensus across the board was mostly agreement.

I started thinking about it, wondering why? Was it just a coincidence that we all felt the same way? Was I only seeking evidence that would support my own theory? Maybe we don't expect much from the less than fine guys, so we're surprised when they slap it up, flip it, rub it down because they were so under the radar, so average in other areas. Maybe we have higher expectations for the ones who stick out, the ones all the girls are licking their chops at. But what an incredible waste of aesthetics. If you look that good, you should absolutely be able to put it down. Could you imagine your wildest dreams coming true and having the opportunity to bang the guy who claims to have invented sex? Could you imagine it being thee most horrible sexual experience of your life? Of anyone's life? After all that parading around he does? It's a smack in the face. It's false advertisement and nobody likes to get taken for a ride...unless the ride is worth it.

That bitch stole my line,


Blackie Collins


  1. My best friend in college used to say, "The Lord never made any man (woman) too smooth". I used to think that saying was just funny but, as I matured and got more experienced, I realized that it was true. It makes sense that really attractive people are not good in bed. Blessings have to be spread around.

    That's just my three cents...


  2. Funny post...I understand completely! I had such an experience years ago. A good looking guy who claimed that he could make any girls 'bed rock'(he thought he was God's gift to woman in the bedroom) and I had the unfortuneate opportunity of experiencing anything but that...What a waste!

  3. i am a woman who always gave persons a chance to prove themselves to me regardless of what they looked like...(background, mother had/has issues of everything always "looking" right, regardless of the situation, therefore i always knew not to judge a book by it's cover) with that being said, I never went for "looks" and it was always, why is she with him? i have had attractive guys who were good in bed, ugly guys who were good or better, some who were wack regardless of looks, what i DO know is...on average...short men put it down! i have had 2 taller than average, one who was THE BEST! but for the most part, short guys rock! ladies, do not sleep on the short "attractive" ones.