Friday, March 19, 2010

Picking Brains: Why do we care if an ex moves on... to someone ugly? Is it better if they're unattractive, average or shocker-cuter than you?


  1. Hmm...good question. I guess my reaction would depend on how I feel about the ex. If I still had feelings, I would probably be salty either way:
    Ugly- "How you do go from me to THAT?!"
    More attractive - "Soooo...was I not cute enough for you?"

    If I didn't give a damn about dude, seeing him with a ugly chick would probably make me gloat like "yeah, I was the best you ever had!" and if she's cute I'd be happy for him. LOL

  2. I mean.. the reality is you're going to compare in some way and you can make the argument on either side that makes you come out on top. If she's "prettier" than you - then at least he found someone that was as cute as you, but if she's not "prettier", then it's like ...he couldn't find anyone better than you.

    But... all of the above is surface level. It just REALLY sucks when he finds the one - and the 1 aint you. Oops.

  3. I think it's just an issue of the EGO. Even if we really don't want the ex, our egos would still like to think that on some level, that said ex still has us on the brain and that somehow their choice in the next love is somehow correlated to us. As Jovi said, you can come up with an argument that makes you look like the winner either way. But it still just boils down to our ego.