Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Real Mean Girls

Don't push her cause she's close to the edge...

I've always prided myself on being a nice girl, a kind person. Despite my scorpio tendancies (I've got a vicious sting), I've never been a mean girl so to speak.

But those girls are incredibly gangsta and I know because I'm friends with some. The difference between those broads and others? The crazy thoughts of retaliation that we all have, well, these chicks actually follow through on. Those girls literally set out to ruin your life and do just that.

I had a hilarious and telling conversation with some friends over brunch. I had just stopped dating someone and was giving him quite the tongue lashing over my eggs benedict. One of my girls chimed in with what I should do to get him back, to embarass him, but her ideas were more like getting him back ten times over...for ten lifetimes to come. She regaled me with a story of a boyfriend who might've turned out to have more than one girlfriend. She decided to send him an email, an email with some hefty secrets exposed...and CC'd half his address book, including the other girlfriend.

My other friends applauded, laughed, and put in their own two (thousand) cents. As I sat and listened to them literally GOING IN, I was dumbfounded! These girls didn't just make the blueprints to the bank, they went in, guns blazing, without masks! They set it off! The things they had done and were telling me to do sounded incredible and there was a fire in me that started to burn outta control. I thought about just how easy it would be to show his ass, make him rue the day he crossed me. I created blogs in my head where I'd name names, lay him bare. I got excited. I felt what they felt. If jealousy is a green monster, revenge is it's twin sister.

But then I got ahold of myself. I'm not a mean girl, at least not easily, and I believe karma will take care of anyone who needs dealing with. I may be pissed or upset to have been slighted and I may have some biting parting words for you, but for the most part, my method of revenge is moving on and living life. Sure getting you back is great fun, but what's the point? What exactly does one get out of that, except for some immediate gratification. I guarantee you'll feel just a bit silly when he sends you the dry cleaning bill for dousing his closet with bleach. You're not taking another thing from me at that point-especially not my time and effort. But I have major love for the gusto those girls have. Man oh man the mean girls are something else. Be careful if you're dating one, cause she's a baadddd bitch. Talk about f*ck your life? Yea, she'll take care of that for you and then some.

That bitch stole my line,

Blackie Collins


  1. Glad you reeled that in.

    I've seen a girl go in... hell, I've thought up some pretty awesome plans, but I come to the same conclusion you do everytime. I can't with the karma

    And as much as dudes deserve it sometimes, crazy b*tches don't make it any easier on the rest of us.

    But it's always nice to have a "I have crazy ass friends, here, let me give you an example" story or two just to let dudes know what might could happen. LOL. :)

  2. If you are a nice girl and have mean girl friends, you have to be careful cause they can definitely be the kinda ride or die chicks that can put some crazy ideas in your head talking bout Giiirl lets paint his car red! lol
    Dont get caught up nice girls. Reel it back in and let it go!