Thursday, July 1, 2010

Making Our Beds: The Name Game

Author's Note***Making Our Beds is a series dedicated to the garbage moves men make, from their own treasure chests of mistakes, told to me by them. These are their words, handled with care by yours truly. Enjoy your step inside their minds. It's a teenage wasteland in there. -B

I was running out my last class of the day, it has been a long one and I was exhausted. Glad I went to the gym in the AM instead of waiting until later. There was no way I could hit a treadmill right now. I hustled to my car in the deck, already thinking about the cold ass Heinekens sitting in my fridge, the mindless television I planned to watch while drinking that beer in my favorite chair. It was a Thursday evening, probably should see what was going on in the streets, but I just didn't feel like it. It was one of those nights where I felt like doing absolutely nothing, by myself. As I trotted up the stairs to my apartment's floor, I was happy I'd opted out of rooming with my LB at the beginning of the semester. Knowing there was nothing but my shit and my silence behind that 1304 door was worth the extra money for a one bedroom.

Moments later, I was propped in my lazy boy, with a Heine in my left hand, the remote in my right. I ran threw the channels until I cam across an episode of Martin. Funny as hell. Only a thirty minute commitment. Perfect.

Mere minutes later, my cell phone sounded off with a text message. I flipped it open and saw that it was Leah, my pseudo girl I was dating. I say pseudo because I was really just messing around with her. She was nice, a cute girl, great ass, gave pretty good head, so I prone to kick it with her once or twice a week. I was still getting passed the last girl I'd been seeing, Blackie. We'd had an off and on again thing for a minute, she drove me crazy, but I loved being around her. We had some sort of weird thing between the two of us and I couldn't be anything with anyone else because that thing was only there with B. Leah wasn't B, but she was there. Blackie had tired of my shit again and rolled.

Hey, what are you doing tonight. Wanna play?

Leah loved saying she wanted to play. She used it in place of "hang out" or "do something." Let's play today, she'd say and while it was sort of cute at first, it was getting annoying. But back to the actual point: did I want to see Leah tonight? I gulped my beer, thought about exchanging my night in alone for entertaining Leah. She'd sleep over for sure. Which meant I'd have to deal with her in the morning. If my memory was right, she didn't have class until noon on Fridays, which meant breakfast. But I could get some and the thought of Bianca's ass, started moving me for real.

Sure, come through.

An hour later, she was at my door. Half hour later, I was back in my chair with Leah on her knees in front of me. Yeah, this was definitely worth canceling my single-night-in-alone. She was giving her A game and I was certifiably appreciative. She bobbed, she weaved, she slobbed, she knobbed. And just as I was about to bust, she jumped up and told me to come to the bedroom. At that moment I would've followed her to hell if she asked. We kissed our way down the hall. I shoved her on the bed, grabbed a condom, and hopped on top of her. And we were off. She rolled on top of me, feeling herself obviously as I remembered Leah had been a little lazy lately. But not tonight, she was feeling good. Real good. I closed my eyes and let her go to work. I felt her reverse herself, thighs smacking against mine, her juices dripping on me, the bed beginning to creek. I opened my eyes to find her backwards, bouncing around like she was on a pogo stick. She looked hot. I was definitely about to cum. I grabbed her hips and threw her forward, coming at her from behind. Grabbing her ponytail, I hunched over her and. here. we. go.

"Yeah! B, shit!" I hollered. Damn, I was happy she came over.

"What did you just say?" Leah froze.


Leah bucked me out of her and turned around glaring at me. "What. Did. You. Just. Call. Me?"

My mind raced, what was she talking about? We got it in, I came, what was the prob-?

Oh shit. Shit! I closed my eyes for a second, hoping, no, praying I didn't just call her what I think I just called her. But nope, I opened my eyes and Bianca was still there looking at me like she might kill me.

"Baby, what are you talking about? It was good, what's the problem?" I tried.

"Oh, now I'm baby? You gotta be kidding me. Do I look stupid?" She huffed as she jumped off the bed and grabbed her clothes. She didn't really want me to answer that, did she? She wanted me to put up a fight, stop her from leaving, apologize at least. "Yo, I don't know what happened. It just sort of slipped out. Come on, you know she and I dated pretty recently."

"And that's supposed to make it okay?" She yelled. Clearly that wasn't the right response either. "You're ridiculous." Dressed now, Leah raced out my bedroom, seconds later, I heard the door slam. I heaved a huge sigh. Relief probably. She was gone. For good most likely. I came. All the above. I picked up my phone and scrolled through the address book, stopping on B's number, clicking on the numbers to write out the right sentences.

I miss you. I know you miss me.


That bitch stole my line,


Blackie Collins


  1. LMFAO!!!!! This is so sad for the girl though. At least she was able to move on with her life seeing as he was obviously still stuck on you. I've never said another man's name but I've said a syllable before. I caught myself tho. I'd just roll over and die if I did. And then pick myself up and move on. Shit happens.

  2. Oh my!!! Scandalous lol. But should the girl really be that upset though. In basic terms she was purely a jump off but dang lol

  3. @sojazzy1 wait, was she a jump off? i thought he said he was dating her? either way, juice-ayyyy.

    @Blackie Did you get back together w/ him? (this is a true story right?)

  4. @sojazzy- she wasn't a JO, she was a rebound ;)

    @9:55 ugh, i hate to say it but yeah, we did. He's THAT guy (wrote a post on him)...That Guy (under March I think)