Thursday, July 29, 2010

God Bless Nigeria

The other day, a fellow blogger (s/o to Cereal Daters), mentioned Nigerian men and her old issues with them. I made a comment about how I once dated one who played in the NFL and how it was the most win/win situation ever. The more I thought about it, the more I A) missed him and B)realized I need to start hanging out in Queens or Long Island, wherever those people live. Here's why:

They have completely out of control work ethic. He and his 4 siblings all had dual degrees, the other three being doctors. Upon arriving in America, his mother worked at McDonald's to pay her way through nursing school and his father drove a cab. All the family members (or village) that came with them shared their house on Long Island. Boys in one room, girls in the other, parents in master suite. Crazy. I barely wanted to share a bathroom with my sister. And all of them completed college, hustled like crazy, valedictorians and such. Even better considering their parents were like Coming to America-princes and sh*t.

They have completely out of control names so you usually wind up with a fun nickname that makes you feel hip to some sort of game somewhere (probably in Queens). I can't even begin to pronounce his name for you, but his nickname was fun. Can't tell you, sorry. He plays ball still.

They have completely out of control bodies. He is literally, THE ONE, THE ONLY who made me swoon on a regular basis. Whenever he took his gotdamn shirt off, I nearly lost my life. Twice. He had something like 4% body fat and enough abs to build a nice baker's dozen. Jeessssuuss walks.

They have completely out of control cute accents. It's slight, but adorable. Like a mix of French and English (London, not here, idiots).

They have completely out of control manners. The most gentlemanly guys out, I'm telling you. He used to be so chivalrous, I would blush- a feat for a girl of color. Once we were in a cab, just the two of us and my skirt had ridden up just a bit. He reached over and tugged it down which was only a little patronizing, but mostly sweet. I think.

They have completely out of control stamina. Africans run a lot, or at least it seems they do when they whoop everyone's ass at the summer Olympics and NYC Marathon. They seem to be born with an extra shot of stamina, reserves that DEFINITELY tap into when necessary.

I'm also basing all this on one dude, so it could be crap, but trust me! Based on the one, you definitely need to get a mandingo warrior (who can widely receive with the best of 'em) in your life.

What other race/cultures of peeps are you feeling?

That bitch stole my line,


Blackie Collins


  1. Being West Indian, I'm gonna stick w/ them. I've had men of all races and they fare the most interesting to me. The ones who have the slight a Carib accent, most know how to cook, crazy bodies, beautiful skin colors since most are mixed w/ an array of races, and that wining(dance) isn't just good for the dance floor. I swear the best sex I've had always comes from a Carib man. That ability to move can make u do things u'd never thought. *bbm wink face* ssshhhhh lol.

  2. Very True! My boyfriend is Nigerian, and I can honestly relate to all of those characteristics. He lives with me in the UK now, and is a wonderful boyfriend! I definitely recommend dating a Nigerian guy ;)

  3. I read your blog all the time and I usually agree with but with this no. My dad is Nigerian and he's crazy as all outdoors. Him and my mom aren't married but went to boarding school over there from 7th to 10th grade, let's just say it was an experience. I wish I had time to tell you about the crazy stuff that went on. My friends say I should write book about it, but the one thing I took away from there is never date/marry a Nigerian man... That's a headache I don't want.

  4. Well after reading your post and 'Fashion' comment, I will be on the look out for a Nigerian. Call me crazy but I'm feelin this cute Egyptian/Sudanese (Arab)guy. Those guys are hiliarious and fun to hang around when I'm with him and his brothers.

    - A.D.

  5. @S Emm i went to a caribbean club in Queens once. It was a blast. Those men, were GETTING IT IN! aw hell.

    @Brittany write the book. i'll be at the signing.

  6. @B yeah and plus all my nigerian homeboys don't believe in monogomy b/c it's not custom in Nigeria. I'm sure all nigerian men aren't like that, buuut then again one can say the same abt WI men. Sighs. I need to start dating Samoans or something.

  7. @E Emm Samoans have a really bad obesity rate, not kidding, don't you watch the biggest loser? they also don't believe in birth control. :-/

  8. i guess my comment didnt count or maybe i did it wrong, but i will say again. i prefer good old african americans! i have dated Ghanaian, Somolian (Eritrian) and Arabs. i have more in common with aa as we grew up in same culture and have similar experiences. i think its cool to date others, but i just prefer regla brown men!

  9. @6:36 never got the comment, must've not worked. I post EVERY comment:) and I LOVE AA men, ugh, more than i need to, damnit