Friday, July 30, 2010

WSBD: What Should Blackie Do UPDATE

Last week, I did my first WSBD (What Should Blackie Do) post and you guys were super helpful. Most of you were on the same page as me, instructing me to put him on the very far back another another state. Which I did. I was very honest, told him I just couldn't take on that kind of baggage, that I'm a relatively free and easy gal, but couldn't be so free and easy on a married man. No matter how separated he thought he was, which if we're going to be completely technical, they aren't separated if they live in the same house, right? Doesn't separation require some sort of space or, duh, separation? Anyway, his response was very kind, he's a nice guy, but it was also a bit, um, intense? Here's what he wrote:

Hey B, I've been thinking a lot about you and what you said. I want you to know that I would get things resolved here before I would pursue anything other than your friendship. I meant what I said to you the last time we talked. You touched me and I would never ever risk hurting you. You are special to me and I want to hold onto at least what we've already developed.

So ghei.

Okay, there were a few things wrong with this text message. One being his desire to just be friends. Trust me, he doesn't just want to be friends. Two being that I somehow touched him and am special to him without ever going out on a date with him! We met and then I went on a series of out of town work stints, so our whole "relationship" has been over the phone! Granted you have no choice but to get to know someone over hour long telephone conversations, but dude, get a grip! I should have known early on when he told me he just felt a connection to me. It sort of freaked me out. I got one more text a few hours later after I hadn't responded. I had fallen asleep reading his last novel.

I love your name btw.

Huh? This dude just keeps digging his grave. He's really freaking me out. I feel like I missed a chapter of our "relationship." The chapter where we fell completely in love and dated for six years. Maybe he meant to text someone else. He's scary.

I might have to go back to not giving my number out. Or maybe change my lie as to why I don't give it out. I used to say it was because I had a stalker, so I don't give out the digits...I think I spoke it into fruition. Damnit.

That bitch stole my line,


Blackie Collins


  1. Great post. You don't have to change your reason for not giving out your number, you do have a stalker, it's him. He sounds creepy and a bit too intense.

  2. whoa! should we reiterate why you should back away sharp movements!

  3. RUUUUNNNNN for the hills girl! Ladies and gentlemen...this right here is entrance into the STRANGE/CRAZY person zone! Nah, let me stop, dude might not be that way but he sure 'could be' that way as well! Yes, BC, go back to your original tall tale of why you don't give your number out!

    - A.D.

  4. just start staring into space a lot when/if you talk to him in person, then do that little head jerk/wiggle like Smokey in Friday and tell him you got ahold to some of the "bad stuff" one night at a rave back in the 90's and from time to time you have flashbacks...he will leave you be after that.

  5. just twitch your head like Smokey in Friday and explain that you got ahold of some of the "bad stuff" at a rave in the 90's... he will leave you alone after that.