Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Utah is a weird place as is, but now they've gone one step further off the polygamist reservation. Women in Utah are just a governor's signature away from a bill that's already been passed by state officials and will ban illegal abortion and "intentional" miscarriages. The punishment for said crimes? A possibility of life behind bars.

*Puts away coat hanger and rethinks at home abortion*

I mean, what?! What exactly is going on here? Statements on how this bill proves just how much Utah cares about women is one that could only come from the same idiots who will probably decide whether a female's miscarriage was intentional or not: men. Men who've never handed over their bodies to another living being, never been raped or had an unwanted, unplanned pregnancy. This is when men seem so stupid. I get what they're attempting, to lower the cases of women tossing themselves down the stairs to get rid of a "problem," but it's just ridiculous. Gone are the days of back alley abortions, so passing this law means virtually nothing. Women can still head to their nearest planned parenthood and get er done regardless of Utah's bill.

What it comes down to is yet another tactic to control women and their bodies. What if Utah passed a law stating that men had to have mandatory vasectomies to prevent unwanted pregnancies or dial back the number of babies born or something. Exactly. Wouldn't even happen. They are just as much involved as the preggers woman is. Last I checked, it still takes two.
Plus, she'll need his helping hand to give her a good push down the stairs right?

This reeks like a bloody tampon. Utah, you've got 'splaining to do!

That bitch stole my line,

Blackie Collins

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  1. It amazes me how the ones that write the bills are the ones that dont have a clue as to the circumstances surrounding affairs pertaining to that bill. Its as if the woman made the pregnancy happen. The women are the ones carrying the child so its up to that woman to make the choice whether she wishes to proceed with the pregnancy. Hell, everybody has thier opinions and free to vice them. BUT....if its not effecting you, then shut up and support HER decision!! And with that said, ladies if you dont want to be placed in that type of situation or face those type of issues, then its best that you take every precaution that the pregnancy dont happen.

    - A.D.