Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Welcome to the Single Life

Here's the thing about being single: it kinda rocks. I know, I know Valentines Day is coming and it's winter, so everyone loves being all cozied up under their human Snuggie, but if you think about it, being single can be just as fun as being paired up-if you do it right.

I just became completely, no strings-nowhere single. All ties have been cut, I've even deleted my fall back boy from the roster and while I know I'll get bored and will definitely miss romping in the sheets (jump off is out too), I'm also like for real psyched for some reason. Actually for a few reasons:

No more drama. As lovely as relationships and dating are, there's a certain amount of theatrics involved. The molding of two personalities is bound to cause a few uphill battles, but I'm talking the ridiculous, overdramatic stuff. I was overhearing a girl at my job talking about some text messages to her boyfriend from some girl and how she was going to confront the girl (she knows her), and "kick a bitch if she has to." Yea, I don't need that. Cue Mary J, "no more drama in my life!"

Project You. When you're dealing with other people, you often forget to take care of you. Women especially link up and immediately start puting him and his needs first, their own last. Now, you can start that journal, make that vision board, start running, take that cooking class or hell, just lay around and do what YOU want to do for a change. No one to tell you you're being lazy or compromise your time with. No one to make you see movies you don't want to see or hog your remote.

Your girls. There is nothing like girlfriends, so enjoy some much needed social butterflydom with them. Drinks, book clubs, dinner, events or just park yourselves on the sofa with a marathon of Sex in the City and red wine. Especially if you're one of those girls who forgets to nurture her friendships while in a couple. Remember every relationship counts-even the ones NOT with men.

DVR. When all else fails, there's some great television on these days. And if you're out and about a lot like me, your DVR is around 92% full too. The good thing about tv is it's a way healthier distraction than drinking, boys, and whatever other coping mechanism you've gotten yourself into for lack of a better man. Must see tv is still in full effect, so grab the remote.

Look, I know you'll miss him, find yourself frustrated because he isn't around and you're a bit lonely, but know that love is what you make it and with whom you do so. Fake it til you make it, love yourself for a while and I promise you'll see just how great the most important relationship you'll ever have truly is.

The one with yourself.

That bitch stole my line,


Blackie Collins


  1. Thankyou for posting this! As a woman ending a relationship that I've been in for the past three years, I really needed to hear this!

  2. word up! i truly do want, need, and desire to be in a committed monagamus relationship (hey, a girl can dream, can't she?!) but until God sends that man my way...i am gonna work on me...thanks for the reminder! i may just write that book or screenplay that has been on my mind...

  3. Good work at finding the silver lining and looking to the bright side of things... marvelous. can't wait to get home to my DVR now....