Monday, February 22, 2010

Why I Love Boys

So, we had a blast on Friday with our male-bashing day. Some of you got in on the fun in the comments section, some decided to email their thoughts which was funny too (which I could share, but I think that was the point of the private email instead of a public post). But make no mistake. I love boys. They're ridiculous, but far too much fun to shove off completely. So today, let go and let the love flow.

Why I Love Boys (brought you by the letter W)

They're fun as hell. No need for pretense, this is what it is. They're a ball to hang out with. Crack open a beer, turn on the game, let the good times roll. This is the precise reason I love my guy friends. I always have the most fun with them. This is also why I like having a boy in my life. I love when they're my best friend too. Having fun together is the best.

They're strong. Their strength goes a long way. They can unscrew the lid on the spaghetti sauce, they can help you move furniture or they can lift you without any problems.

They're gorgeous. Ok, not all of them, but have you ever just looked at a man's body? I dated a guy who played in the NFL once. He was in crazy shape, probably had -5% body fat or something. Every time he took his shirt off (or didn't honestly), it was an absolute cause for pause. It was just beautiful. I don't even want to lose sight of that. I don't care how many dudes are dogs, I gotta have that in my life.

When they're yours, they're yours. Men are extremely loyal creatures. It may take them a lot to get there, but once they're in, they're like a rock, unmoving and undaunted. They will support you, fight for you, tear it down for you. When a man is in that place, it's pretty awesome. Unless they become clingy. yikes.

They help your alcohol tolerance. When you drink with boys, you never get wasted with the girls.

There's no sugar coating. One of the things I love most about a few of my female friends is their ability to just put it out there. No, cushion, no chaser. This is just what it is. I love this about them because it's rare amongst women. It's reserved for men. You present them with a problem, they give you a solution. You say, "that chick went and bought the same dress as me even though she knew I had it. She better not wear it to the party on Friday." He'll say, "So, what." Well, actually. Yea. So. What. Done and done.

They have tattoos. Well, not all of them, but the ones who do. Praise all that is holy.

They give great...advice. This kinda lines up with the no sugar-coating thing, but men are extremely simple creatures. Because of this, they often give great advice. They can see the forest through the trees way better than women can most times. And not only do they give great advice, but they follow their own. Lots of us gals dish it out, but can't seem to eat it ourselves.

They like to eat girls. Do I have to really write anything to further explain?

That bitch stole my line,


Blackie Collins


  1. you definitely dont have to explain that last I love it... love this post... I would change to why I love men though... boys are so unreliable

  2. my ideal man:
    the intellect of Dr. Ben Carson,
    with the wisdom of Dr.Cornel West,
    the heart of MLK,
    and the fearlessness of Malcom X
    wrapped up in the body of Idris Elba!