Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The One Vs. The Right One

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make that dude drink if he ain't thirsty enough. I believe there is such a thing as the One. Thee One, yes, that's who we're talking about here. The one whom you believe is that person; the one you could wake up next to for as long as you take in oxygen. Huge. Wonderful. Hold that thought. Because it is absolutely possible to confuse The One with The Right One. You meet someone and you feel a click. It feels different, it feels great. You carry on without any degree of caution. You go forward like you've never been hurt, and maybe you haven't, maybe you have. Perhaps those are both problems, perhaps not.

Then something happens. Time passes. You both realize how happy you are, maybe a little too happy. Maybe you start waiting for the other shoe to drop, you start backing away, running away from great things, wishing to add a few more notches to your bedpost. You care, deeply even, but not enough to keep you from parting ways. And it feels bad. Really bad. Something feels amiss. You didn't realize it, but they were absolutely apart of your life. Your bed still smells like them, there's food of theirs in the fridge, their toothbrush is still sitting next to your's. You wipe away all traces, but it still feels empty. Vacant. You hear a funny story and go to grab your phone, but you can't do that anymore. He or she is gone. No longer a secure channel for which you can confide. And you realize something has changed in you, they changed something in you, you think you might've just said goodbye to the One, but you say, "no, that's can't be possible...right?" You shake it off, pretend that feeling doesn't exist and eventually it doesn't. On to the next and all that. When this happens, you have mistaken it for The Right One, but it isn't. It's simply The One.

See, there's a giant difference between the two. The One is someone who will be important in the grand scheme of things. Maybe he or she will have their own titled chapter in the book of your life or maybe just an honorable mention. There can be more than one One in your life. And you can cry over the One, sulk over the One, talk shit about the One, but you can move onfrom the One. But the Right One? Well, that's a horse of a different color. The Right One clamps down tight and doesn't let you go. The Right One lets go of their own fears and plunges ahead. The Right One promises forever and then does their absolute best to give you just that.

You can lead the One to water, but you can't make 'em drink. But, the Right One doesn't need to be led and drinks without any kind of force at all.

That bitch stole my line,


Blackie Collins


  1. absolutely LOVE this post... P-R-E-A-C-H it!!!

  2. so should i be looking for "The One" or the "Right One"?

  3. Wow, fabulously put!