Friday, January 29, 2010

Little Bits: Use What You Got

I had a funny conversation with a male friend at work. We were talking about a familiar coffee shop near our job. One that we frequented during lunch breaks and quick latte runs. One where the staff knew us all for the most part. One that had a sweet little gay girl behind the counter, who gave me free stuff on a regular basis.

His argument: it was wrong of me to flirt with her to get free coffee and sandwiches because I was giving her false hope.

My argument: um, whatever. Nothing taste better than food except free food.

For goodness sakes, I wasn't asking the girl to marry me, I was saying hello and being nice, asking about her day, nothing major. He swore it was all in the way I was asking, as if I really cared, with sweet and sticky dripping from my words.

My position stayed firm. It's the same as when men flirt with women to get whatever it is they're trying to get on that particular day. Everyone has an agenda and unfortunately, we all use others to get there. It's no secret that attractive looks can get you far in this world, our culture falls heavily upon asthetics, so it should be surprising that people who look good get what they want a whole heck of a lot more than those who don't. Sometimes it's the pretty face alone, other times it's that paired with a little sweet and sticky flirting. I am not ashamed to do either. And I find nothing wrong with it. In fact, call me whatever you want, but I stand by using my femininity and good genes to get a couple inches further than the next. You gotta use what you got and I suggest you do too. If you're smart, go with that. If you know you have the gift of gab, can manipulate and form words in a way that make men and women melt? Work it out. I hate to say it but everyone has a price and if you slip a few bills their way-not real money, I sincerely hope you're with me on this analogy- then you can get in there just like the rest of us.

Besides when I check my bank statement and see just how much Starbucks is ripping me for? That lesbian better be happy I'm speaking to her. Free coffee for all.

That bitch stole my line,


Blackie Collins

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  1. Your freakin' HILARIOUS! But so ON-POINT!