Friday, January 8, 2010


The rebound is a tricky thing. They are literally the person who comes next. We all love using the phrase on to the next" these days, but the next one has a hefty order to fill. It's like going to a restaurant and ordering a dish that you grandmother makes just right. You hunker down and take a bite and say, "It's ok, but it ain't grandma's." That restaurant item didn't even have a chance. It came behind something great. Something more or less untouchable-for the moment. It's the same with a rebound. They have no chance, and if they do it's minimal and they'd have to essentially knock your socks off.

That being said, a rebound is absolutely the best way to get over someone. This is probably not the smartest advice, but it's real. Moving on from someone is hard, no doubt, but the road back to your usual self is a little bit brighter when you've got a little something new to play with. But beware, the rebound is not for the faint at heart. I had a friend who got dumped, ran back to his old bar hopping habits and immediately met a girl one night. He took her home and then proceeded to cry through the ordeal. He said it wasn't her and he wanted her back. Right. Definitely not how he needed to proceed.

Rebounding is a transition of sorts. A fast one at that. You have to switch gears from being in something secure and consistent to the exact opposite. As I said, if this ain't your bag, don't do it. Work it out on your own, but hanging with someone new definitely pads the cell a bit. It's fun to be back to the beginning. It's fun to enjoy the new. Find out the things that make them tick, make them laugh, make them, well, them.

But at the same time, it's sad too. Sad because, in the beginning at least, you're reminded on a regular basis that you are with someone else. You compare them without realizing it, even though the new guy is putting in work and you, surprisingly, enjoy it. You forget in darker moments, and think it's him you're in bed with, but it isn't. It's the rebound. And you constantly remind yourself that this is a means of getting over him. Of moving on, sanity intact.

There's something very final about moving on to the new guy or girl. Of course, you never know what the future holds, but for the present, it is, in fact, on to the next. I guess the question isn't so much as whether or not rebounding is good or bad, but how you go on to the next when you can't forget the last? Well, we've discussed that already. All in due time, kids, all in due time. Until then, hop up there and grab that rebound.

That bitch stole my line,


Blackie Collins


  1. oh blackie, emotional twin of my soul.... it gets better. it always gets better. something you forgot to address was how beneficial the rebound could be when the situation grandma's cooking wasn't entirely good for us. maybe it has too high a caloric content or it always gives us gas.

    there's nothing wrong with trying a new recipe especially if the last one wasn't all that good for you.

    I'm kinda glad to be on my new diet.

    i've tried other cuisine, and admittedly sometimes miss "grandma's" dishes, but I feel much better eating and trying the new.

    love ya

  2. Great Post!

    So it it better to be the rebouder or the reboundee? Or what happens when both are rebounding? Depending on what stage everyone is in I think that may could be the best of both worlds for each party involved and makes it easier to get over the other person, or so it seems for my situation.

    Regardless both people need to understand what the situation is because otherwise that could lead to issues and then your back to square one.

    Like you said the beginning is great, its the middle that makes everything tricky.